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What is phoTEX?
phoTEX is the trade name of the process used to create the pictures on this website. A series of digital photographs, often up to 100, are captured, then 10-25 of these are merged and manipulated using computer software. Varying textures are introduced, and perspective is enhanced. A photograph, with texture.
That’s phoTEX !

For the technically minded, images are captured on a Nikon D1x/Nikon D2xs camera in RAW NEF Format at 32MB and Adobe Photoshop® software is used for image manipulation.

The resultant picture has stunning resolution in almost any size, and a three-dimensional quality unique to phoTEX . If you have not seen a full size picture before, it is impossible to show the benefits of the process at low resolution on a website.

The pictures are widely available from Galleries and Specialist Retailers throughout Scotland. Most images are available in formats ranging from 2.8m box framed panoramas to 460mm prints. Individual Prints can be mailed direct on request.

Please contact for further information.
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